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Ratatouille – the Thai Version

I hate rats. I know, shocking right? I had never seen one before coming to Thailand so when it finally happened I was nauseous for about 3 hours.

This rat was huge. I have seen chihuahuas that are smaller. But, there he was just scurrying along the street as if we actually wanted to walk with the thing. Thankfully that was my only sighting for about 3 weeks…that was until the “why the shit is this happening to me!!” night happened.

BC and I were walking home from dinner when it all began. First, let me say, that there are plenty of dark places for these rodents from hell to live in:



Gutter 1




The first one popped out from a gutter and I freaked out. My macho “rats aren’t gross” BC told me to chill. I stared back at him coldly.

The second one was scurrying along the side of the sidewalk. Just like the demon rat in Bangkok, this one thought we wanted to merrily stroll along with it.

The third creepy creature of the night peeked his head out of a hole in the sidewalk but he was at least smart enough to go back in to the dark abyss from which he came.

The fourth (yes, fourth) was the sickest. He had himself submerged in a trash bag. What made it worse was that his gross little tail was sticking out of the bag like this:



That is a total of four rats in the course of about 10 minutes.

Now everywhere I walk I can’t not look for those damn things. However, one thing is for certain: the stars of something must have been aligned that night because it was by far the sickest, most disturbing night of my life…ever.