About Me

I spent a lot of unnecessary time on this page so you have to go there first

and also…

Boyfriend-chicken (BC) and I had lived in Colorado our whole lives; born and raised. Even though we swore we were rebels against the quintessential “American Dream” we still built our lives around getting high paying jobs, buying material possessions by the boat load, and living in the biggest house we could (and/or couldn’t) afford. But when we got home from work, we felt as if sticking needles in our eyes for 8 hours a day would have been more enjoyable.

I am not trying to presume that waking up every morning for a 9-5 doesn’t make most of us cringe sometimes. But BC and I were downright miserable. One day I called BC and said “screw all of this, let’s sell everything we own and move to Thailand”. It took him about 5 seconds to say “OK”. So that’s what we did; we sold everything we owned and we set out on a new life path.

This blog is about our journey: living overseas, redefining our life, and seeing just how far we can go.


If you’re wondering what all the chicken hoopla is about: One drunken night (the details are blurry) we somehow decided that adding “chicken” to the end of every noun and verb was hilarious. Now, eight months later, not adding “chicken” to nouns and verbs just seems dirty and wrong.


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