Thai Horse Racing and 80 Cent Whisky

When our new friend asked if we wanted to join him and his rowdy British mates to the Thai horse races we said: “is that even a question?”

The horse races here are just like home…but with a twist. Sure you have the jockeys and yes you have the gamblers but in Thailand you also have utter chaos and… suspicious odds. We were informed very early on that the races are, for lack of a better word, fixed. There are two ways the races are fixed:

  1. The jockey throws the race, or
  2. The race is packed with old, decrepit horses that can’t even challenge the “fixed” winner

Despite this information we couldn’t resist betting. Here was our formula for the day:

Try to understand program…


Make it through the chaos to place bet…


End up picking a random number and hoping for the best…


Cheer on the number (because can’t read Thai and therefore don’t know horses name)…

Horsies Racing

Thanks to BC we got lucky once and won about $6.

But the real fun of the day was the 80 cent whiskies and the incredible time we had with our new friends. And did I mention 80 cent whiskey? There were 80 cent shots of whiskey there.

*disclaimer: poor photography due to 80 cent whisky


2 responses to “Thai Horse Racing and 80 Cent Whisky

  1. Glad there isn’t 0.80 whiskey in the US – can you imagine?

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