What is a Wat?

Hold any map of any city in Thailand and it will become apparent right away that there are a lot of things called Wats…


They are everywhere. Heck I am even writing this post right across the street from one. See there it is:

Across the street Wat

I am kind of embarrassed to admit how long it took BC and I to figure out what they were so I will just say that (hooray!) we figured it out.

In short a Wat is a Buddhist temple housing monks and large idols of Buddha. It’s also where believers pray and where tourists make it hard for said believers to pray.


Wats are also incredibly ornate and breathtaking; an impressive feat considering how many there are.

Ornate 3

Ornate 2


Thailand’s Buddhist tradition truly is remarkable. We learned that all Thai men must spend at least a week living as a monk. We even saw a young monk who couldn’t have been older than 10.

Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of the monks; you’re not supposed to photograph them. We were told that if we did we would get on Buddha’s bad side and you don’t want to mess with the 62’ tall Buddha…

Big ass Buddha

But we did get a picture of a monk in a box…

Monk in a Box


2 responses to “What is a Wat?

  1. Wat Pho was the coolest place I’ve ever been. I wish I had more time in Bangkok (and totally rude American, I had no idea you’re not supposed to photograph them.)

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