Navigating a Parade

Love them, hate them, or just don’t have anything better to do parades have been a source of community gathering dating back to the earliest civilizations.

Every year Chiang Mai has their famous flower festival parade.


Imagine if you will rows and rows of massive, ornate floats adorned with breathtakingly beautiful Thai women and millions of flowers.


Although unique and amazing in its own way the formula of the parade remains the same: floats, marching bands, flare, and wide eyed kids. But it just wouldn’t be a parade in Thailand if we didn’t have this:


In the midst of all the beauty cars and motorcycles attempt to squeeze their way through the festivities simply because they’ve got places to go.


The lesson learned today is that in Thailand, traffic stops for no one.


One response to “Navigating a Parade

  1. Hilarious. At least you have a car!

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