Thai Commuting – Part 3

In our opinion the most unique way to travel in Bangkok is the river taxi. At the bargain price of $1 these workhorse boats will take you to pre assigned stops along the river. This is literally a form of mass transit in Bangkok; it’s like a bus but on the water.

River Taxi 2

You begin by standing on a large dock that just won’t sit still because of all the waves. The iPod sporting boat attendant will make a spider-man leap from the boat, holding it just long enough for you to make your own spider-man leap on. And once you’re in the real fun begins.


You immediately feel bad for the boat whose engine struggles to propel all the passengers to their destination. When you reach a stop the boat is lurched into the dock forcefully hitting the well placed tire buoys.

Tires 2

As more people join the more entertaining this party becomes. “Can you hang on to the back of the boat while clinging for dear life? Yes? Great, get on!”

If you ever make it to Bangkok, you have to try this out. And beware of the long-tail boats that will convince you they are better. They charge roughly $30 and it just wouldn’t be as fun. Happy floating!



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