Thai Commuting – Part 2

As a tourist, the “easiest” way to get around is on a tuk tuk. They are little 3-wheeled motorized vehicles that drive around as crazy as the scooters but are the size of a Smart car.

tuk tuk

You must negotiate the price first and never, I mean never accept their first offer or you will get insanely overcharged.

It’s difficult to explain how they drive but it’s almost like they think the back seat is on fire and the only way to put it out is to get you where you’re going. Whenever I would see one go by I thought “I will never step foot into THAT”. BC on the other hand couldn’t wait until we did.

One day we were on the other side of the city doing our first touristy thing and eventually ended up on Khao San Road (made famous by Leo DiCaprio’s “The Beach”).

Khao San Road

To refresh your memory we were staying in a non-tourist part of the city so we had yet to even see a sit down restaurant. On Khao San Road however we could finally sit down in AC and have a beer. So we had one…and then another. Oh wait did you say one more?


Needless to say I was feeling good about life.

…and BC jumped on the opportunity:

Him: “Hey, want to ride a tuk tuk back?”

Me: “You mean all the way across the city? Sure! Why not.”

And here is how it went…


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