My First Meltdown (it was a curling iron that did it)

For those of us with disorderly hair we know that when we go to a humid place, we just aren’t going to tame our locks without some help. So two weeks into our Thailand adventure I forced BC to rent a scooter and take me to the mall so I could get a tool to calm my hair.

I had two choices: a less expensive curling iron or a slightly more expensive straightener. In an effort to save money I chose the cheaper option.

The next morning I was like a kid at Christmas; I couldn’t wait to have awesome looking hair. I shampooed twice and swiftly ran to my new curling iron. However, when I unwrapped the curling iron my heart sank. It was one of these:


I was so excited to even find a curling iron to buy (they are so hard to find) that I overlooked the fact that it had no clamp. I even touched and examined the damn thing before I bought it! It was useless for straightening my hair.

But this didn’t mean I didn’t try.

The whole time I fruitlessly attempted to make it work I kept looking at the pretty woman on the box with perfectly straight hair. I hated that bitch. This is when I totally lost it. I just wanted one thing that wasn’t out of the ordinary…even something as simple as this. BC tried to comfort me but by then I was inconsolable and wouldn’t even let him near me. All because of a stupid curling iron.

After my freak-out was finished we went back to the mall and exchanged the devil curling iron for the slightly more expensive (10 whole dollars) badass straightener.


Now my locks are tame and I look like a rock star. It even has a fancy traveling case 🙂


2 responses to “My First Meltdown (it was a curling iron that did it)

  1. I prefer expensive ones, at least I know my hair is not being damaged. I got a professional Karmin g3 clipless and it made a huge difference.

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