Fleeing the Coup (1)

There is nothing more heart wrenching than losing a job, especially a job that you hate. So when my employer came to me and said “this just isn’t a good fit” I felt my brain (and my heart) implode. How did I get to the point where some HR rep knew before me that I was useless at making my own career choices? I felt like shaking a puppy.

This is about the moment my 30-life crisis set in. For those of you that don’t know a 30-life crisis is a very real thing. It’s that moment in life when your 20’s are coming to a close and you look around and say “this is just not how it was supposed to work out…at all”. The feeling is similar to what one of my favorite bloggers dubbed “the sneaky hate spiral”.

So, with the skeptical enthusiasm of a first time sushi eater I called BC and said “we should move to Thailand! I can teach English!” He looked at me perplexed but said “OK!” That’s how quickly our decision to flee the coup was settled; and we never looked back. In the ensuing months we sold everything we owned, begged our friends for lodging (thanks BFF-Chicken!) and, 6 months later, took a one-way flight to Thailand.


2 responses to “Fleeing the Coup (1)

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to follow you and know you are alive and well (never mind the rats!). My thoughts and prayers are with you as this grand adventure unfolds. Dan

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